How to Impress Someone in an Interview

If you want to be a truly great, memorable candidate when interviewing for a job, you need to ask some ‘wow’-inducing questions during your interview. Remember, most of the candidates will be asking questions about the role, and you want to make sure you are asking questions that will help you to stand out.  It is important to prepare questions to ask so that you are not caught off-guard during the interview.

‘Wow’ interview questions are ones that are very well-researched, detailed and unique that also show your enthusiasm and work ethic. Employers can get impressed in many ways but showing creativity in your interview will definitely give you brownie points, for example opting for a video interview using your cell phone.  This shows eagerness and an interest in going beyond your day-to-day work. It also shows that you have done research on the company and that you are up-to-date with industry news. The following are way to impress and sign of a good interview: -

Second round of interviews

When the company is calling you for the additional round of meetings then it is a sign that you may be the one of a handful of finalists. Ask a question like “From What You Know About Me so Far, How Well Do You Think I Will Fit into the Team Here?” This is a good opportunity to assess how the interview is going and put your interviewers at ease if they have any doubts.

Selling yourself to the company

Try asking a question like, “How Would You Describe an Ideal Employee?” Here you’ll get an idea as to whether or not you are a good fit for the company. It also shows that you are eager to please and to meet their expectations.

Personal questions

Hiring manager shows interest in your personal life show that they are considering you. However, one thing to remember here is that you do not have to answer all personal questions asked by them.

Smile and positive gestures

Managers used to be friendly during the interview so that the candidate may not get confused. However, if they smile a lot during the interview then it is a good sign.

Extended interview

If the conversation goes on, it shows that the hiring managers are interested to know about you and they are exploring you and your skills.


The things are getting an indicator better and better.

Asked for references

It’s an obvious sign when the employers told you that they are going to check or verify your background and also asks for your references then congratulations, you may have got the job.

Joining dates

Formally, they ask you about the joining dates after complete discussion.

Interview status

When the hiring managers ask you about your interview status with other firms or organizations then it is a good sign that they are showing interest in you. It also indicates that they are not going to miss an individual who can get a call from another firm.

Interviewer behavior

Interviewer behavior and attitude will indicate you about his interest in you if he is listening carefully to you and keep smiling throughout the interview; it is a good sign for you.

These are the indicators, which will assure you that you are going to get the job after your interview. All you have to do is just stay calm and hope for your best future and commitment to your job with dedication and hard work. You should have faith in yourself that you can do whatever comes in your way and you are not inferior to anyone. Many of the companies do verification of the references, which you have delivered to them, and this shows that they are willing to hire you for the job and that’s why they are gathering information and verifying it. The best indicator is that when your interviewer asks you that how you can best be reached.